Palma.—Fourteen months after having taken power in Palma City Council, a survey suggests that the Partido Popular under Mateu Isern has lost the majoristy his party held after the elections in May of 2011.

According to the IBES, the Partido Popular has lost 7 percent of its electoral support meaning that it can only lay claim to 14 councillors rather than the 17 it had after the elections. However, the decline of the centre right Partido Popular, says IBES, is not due to a rise in power by the principal Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) opposition.

People in Palma, said the IBES, are now giving their backing to parties that previously weren't popular enough to secure democratic representation on Palma Council such as Esquerra Unida (the United Left) and the Independent UPyD party. Even though the Mayor remains a respected figure, the IBES says that the unpopularity of cuts being made by Prime Minister Rajoy is making itself felt at a local level, affecting support.