Andratx.—A catamaran was severely damaged after being thrown against rocks in the Port of Andratx yesterday.
The boat had been secured with ropes and had two people on board at the time but such was the force of sudden violent squall that it was thrown off its mooring.

According to Balearic 112 Emergency Services, the alarm had been raised just after 8 o'clock in the morning.
Moves were made to rescue the two crew members who were brought to shore safe and sound.
Later in the day, accident investigators started a process to test for any possible fuel leaks from the catamaran into the sea. Results showed however, that there had been no contamination from the incident. The catamaran needs to be refloated but with heavy sea swell yesterday conditions were still not stable enough for the manoeuvre to take place.

Violent winds had shaken much of Majorca in the early hours of yesterday morning rattling loose shutters and sweeping unsecured items off roofs and balconies.

Low cloud swept in and darkening skies appeared to herald storm conditions but by mid morning skies had cleared and temperatures rose to the 30 degree mark.