Palma.—The violinist Ashot Tigranyan was the founder of the Orchestra in California in 2006. Since then, it has toured the United States and has now decided to make the transatlantic leap to Europe.

They have chosen Majorca to perform five concerts , one of which took place last night also at the Teatre Principal.
Tigranyan conducts the 35 members of the orchestra whilst playing his violin. He was accompanied last night by another violinist Anabel G. del Castillo.

Tonight will be the turn of the counter tenor Don Krim who will join the orchestra in works by Bach and Vivaldi. “Normally, an orchestra has more musicians,” said Tigranyan yesterday, “but with the instruments that we are playing it isn't necessary. And anyway, because we are a smaller group, we are able to play in more restricted spaces.” The tour of the orchestra around the island, which began last Saturday at the Claustre de Sant Bonaventura in Llucmajor, will conclude with two recitals in the Theatre in Arta on 28th and 29th September. The first concert on the 28th, Ashot Tigranyan will once again be accompanied by Anabel G. Del Castillo in a violin duo, and on the 29th by counter tenor Don Krim. “It's a way of getting the Classical Concert Chamber Orchestra of California known in Europe, and what better place to do that than in Majorca, such a beautiful place,” Tigranyan said.

Those wishing to find more out about the Classical Concert Chamber Orchestra of California can research further on website Tel. 971-835624 for Arta ticket office, and 971-219696 for Teatre Principal in Palma.