Palma.—The President of the Balearic government, José Ramón Bauzá said yesterday that forecasts for the tourist industry this month and next are “pretty good” but he urged hoteliers and other tourist businesses to work together to promote the Balearics as “the best possible of all holiday destinations” and to encourage visitors to “keep wanting to come back”.

Speaking on International Tourism Day at a tribute to more than 20 companies and tourist establishments in an event held in the Consulat de Mar government offices in Palma, the President said that he was convinced it was possible “to take a new lead in the tourist industry”. He said he had put his trust in the regional tourist industry to be the cornerstone and driving force behind economic change in the Islands and as such regional businesses could trust in the Partido Popular government as a valuable ally.

Keeping the flag flying
Bauzá admitted that there was “still much work to be done” and that the tourist industry shouldn't “rest on its laurels” because business was continually evolving and branching out.

The President urged hoteliers to use profits from this season to provide jobs and salaries for extra staff and to promote low season activity.
Bauzá thanked all those present who had “made efforts on a daily basis” to satisfy customer requirements and who had helped “keep the flag of Balearic tourism flying.” The President had a special word of thanks for Alvaro Middelmann, former President of the Majorcan Tourist Board and outgoing head of Spain and Portugal's branch of Air Berlin for his commitment to the island as an ideal holiday destination.

People who were receiving awards yesterday at the Consulat de Mar included Miguel Galmés, the technical dierctor at the Hotel Robinson in Cala Serena. Bauzá praised him for his constant adaptation to the changing circumstances of the tourist industry. Galmés had apparently been particularly resourceful in making use of renewable energy at the Robinson.

Bauzá said that the tourist industry should not be seen as a business in isolation but rather as an important axis of Balearic society.