Palma.—The Spanish National Airports Authority (Aena) has furthermore made it known that people living in ten recently built homes in the acoustic vicinity of Palma airport have a right to ask for the same soundproofing service.

The news emerged yesterday after a meeting of the Palma Airport Environmental Committee which is responsible for the soundproofing plan and for giving periodic progress reports on its success.

The Committee is made up of representatives from Aena, Central Government's Environment Ministry, Palma City Council and Santa Eugenia town council.
The soundproofing plan has been developed as a result of Aena's commitment to bringing down airport noise levels and to ensurethat current legislation on acoustic contamination is complied with. The areas which need to be checked on are homes and businesses which fall within fixed distances from the airport.

Right to a quiet life
All premises within this fixed distance, whether residential, or for health, social or cultural purposes have the right to make application for soundproofing treatment. Aena yesterday presented a benchmarking update to the Environmental Committee of how Palma Airport is faring in measuring up to its commitment to acoustic protection. After the presentation, representatives from Aena said it would continue to work with local town councils to ensure that its quality objectives are being met. An “Acoustic Isolation Management” office has been specially set up to act as a coordinator between Aena and residents and organisations falling within the fixed distance from the airport.