Palma/Madrid.—There were 2'717 more people unemployed in the Balearics in September this year than during the previous month of August, Central Government's Ministry for Employment and Social Security said yesterday.

If September this year is compared with September 2011, unemployment has risen over 12 months by 2.12%. In real terms there were 1'610 more people employed at the end of last month than there were at the end of September in 2011. Across the country as a whole, there were 79'645 more people employed in September this year than there were in the previous month of August, 1.72% more. Unemployment has been increasing for two consecutive months and Central Government figures show that there are now 4'705'279 people without work. In a year, from September 2011, a further 478'535 people are without a job (+11.32%).

The rise in unemployment across the country last month is not as great as the jobless numbers registered in September 2011 when the increase from the previous month of August was 95'817, compared to 2009 (80'367) and to 2008 (95'367). The Ministry for Employment and Social Security highlighted in a note that the figures for September this year are “slightly” better than for the same month in 2011, but worse than in 2009, the year when the level of economic recession was similar to now. By sector, unemployment fell last month in Agriculture by 1.61%, in Industry by 0.18%, and Construction by 1.26% but grew in the Service industry by 3.07%, and in the group of people who have never had a job by 1.95%.