Madrid.—The news onbroadband use was given yesterday in a report published by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) who said that the new figures reveal an 8 percent increase compared to 2011.

In Spain, says the INE, there are now 10.5 million family homes which have access to the internet, 4% more than last year. This now means that the internet has reached 67.9% of homes in the country. The majority of these have a broadband connection with the INE claiming that there are 700'000 connections more this year than last.

Research shows that the most used type of internet connection for broadband is ADSL; 74.1% of homes with access to the internet use this form of connection.

However, the INE report says that there are a considerable number of homes which use handheld devices which can be inserted manually into the computer; 26.9 percent of homes use this form of access to the internet.

The INE said that the next most popular form of access to the internet are cable network or fibre optic alternatives (17%), along with mobile connections via a USB modem or card (10.4%) chiefly in portable computers. People are connecting to the internet with increasing frequency, claimed the INE.

Its report said that over the last three months, 72.2 percent of the population have used a computer to access the web, nearly 3 percent more than the number of people connecting to the internet a year ago. According to regions, Madrid is the highest user with 78 percent of homes having access to the internet; the Balearics is in second place with 73.9%. The Basque Country, Catalonia, Navarre and Cantabria are in third place (67.9%).