Madrid.—The national spokesperson for the Unionist, Progressive and Democratic Party, Rosa Diez has questioned the plans of Central Government's Ministry for Education to sign agreements with schools in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands to guarantee education in Castillian, as she considers that resorting to such a measure reflects the cowardice of the State when faced with regions which fail to keep to the law.

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports is considering the possibility of signing agreements with private school centres in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands with the objective of guaranteeing the right of pupils to be educated in Castillian if they so wish.

Sources for the Education ministry led by José Ignacio Wert said yesterday that such an agreement is just one of several currently being studied by Central Government. A spokesman insisted that the ministry's priority was that both Catalonia and the Balearics “comply with the law.” However, Diez said that the plans highlighted the “incapacity” of the State to bring the regions to heel. Diez said that the present system of regional financing only served to weaken Central Government.