Palma.—The regional Ministry for Tourism and Sports is to apply to Central Government for powers to control the discount on air and sea travel for Balearic residents in 2013.

Faced with the possibility that the State Budget won't make allowance for the regional discount in 2013, Ports and Airports Director General Antonio Deudero is to make the application in the next meeting between Central Government's Public Works department and the Balearic government on 26th October.

The Balearic government is to ask for a technical report which will enable it to establish the maximum amount to which residents can be entitled all year round by using regular airlines as a reference point rather than low cost airlines which only fly to the Islands in high season.

The Balearic government has for the first time positively acknowledged the modification of Air Safety Law as described in the General Budget. The change in the law stipulates that in low season in the Balearics whose economy depends heavily on tourism, there will be 20 percent less landing fees applied. The Tourist Ministry said it is satisfied with the change.