Palma.—Five years ago on October 9, 2007, holiday representative Jacqueline Tennant, used her day off to go for one of her many walks in Majorca - but she was never seen again.

Today, her sister Monique, will pay her annual visit to the island as she continues the hunt for her missing sister who was working the summer as a swimming and sports instructor at a holiday resort in C'an Picafort.

Jacqueline, 45 at the time, was in the Women's Royal Air Force reserves for 20 years and held the rank of sergeant.
A keen walker, she often hiked around Majorca when she worked at C'an Picafort in the summer season. On October 9, 2007, she headed out for a walk as usual but she did not tell anyone where she was going.

She has not been seen since despite continual efforts by her sister, the police and volunteers on the island and from the UK.