Palma.—An estimated 1'000 secondary school students marched through Palma yesterday morning in protest over the continuing cuts the education system is being submitted to by local and central governments as they try to reduce their deficits.

Along with the health service, education is also being the hardest hit and students, parents and teachers are angry over the educational reforms which have been introduced by central government and adhered to by the Balearic government.

A large number of students from the Balearic University also joined the march to demonstrate over the cut backs the university has suffered over the summer and the 1'000 strong march came to an end in front of the Central Government Delegate's headquarters in the centre of Palma.

The demonstration was also used by students to protest over comments made by the Minster for Education, Jose Ignacio Wert, that he wants to ‘hispanicise' Catalan speaking students . The Balearics government has been quick to distance itself from Madrid's intentions but Wert's comments have angered teachers and students who vented their anger yesterday claiming that the cuts and his comments “have come more as a punch in the face” than a reformation of the educational system.

Student union leaders claimed yesterday's march a success.