Lluc.—Not only was the roof at Lluc torn away forcing evacuation of the premises but a trail of devastation was left on surrounding farms and estates.
But yesterday, the monastery's Prior Antoni Vallespir and local farmers awoke to a break in the weather after a night of rain which fortunately caused no further damage.

Vallespir said however that the wet weather will complicate the repair work because the tiles of the roof are still very exposed to the elements.
Cleaning of flood channels in the area still hasn't finished, Vallespir said, causing risk of flooding if there is more heavy rain.
The reform work is due to start on Monday after the Lluc monastery governing board agreed to put up the money themselves instead of waiting for insurers to process their own paperwork. Prior to the scaffolding going up, there has been a surge of visitors from all over Majorca which Vallespir said was a sign of “the heart of the island.” Already 20'000 euros has been collected through a campaign which has enabled the public to pay for a roof tile. There are still around half a dozen apartments in the monastery which have remained closed on the third floor. They have been sealed off for safety reasons. Meanwhile, farmers are finding it hard getting any money from the government to help clear their land after the storm. The government has preferred to provide help in the form of labour.