Palma.—British author and Majorcan property owner, Geoffrey Iley, yesterday gave a lecture to English students at the Balearic University.
Iley, who has taken 11 years to complete the Majorcan-inspired and set thriller Navegator was invited to give the lecture at the university to talk about what is was about Majorca and its history which inspired him to write the book, the research process he went through in order to get his facts about Majorca so correct and the process of actually writing a book.

Professors at the Balearic University, with which he was put in contact by the faculty for Catalan Studies at the University of Sheffield, which has a close relationship with the Balearic University, helped Iley in his research as did the Majorcan Tourist Board and the Majorca Daily Bulletin.

Film script
Now, Iley, who has been coming to the island with his wife every year for the past 25 years, is busy working on trying to develop a film script of the thriller, which would be shot on location here in Majorca, before sitting down to write the sequel.