Palma.—Speaking at a meeting of the Balearic Parliament, Company said that bringing waste into Majorca for incineration from other parts of Europe will “help the sustainability of Majorca” and reduce the use of fossil fuels with a saving of 20 million euros..

Company was responding to criticism from Balearic Socialist MP Cosme Bonet who had alleged that burning rubbish coming from elsewhere in Europe at the Son Reus incinerator in Bunyola because it prejudiced the health of local residents and will damage the tourist image of Majorca.

The Environment Minister pointed that a legal modification has been made to allow higher volumes of waste to be burned at Son Reus.
He said: “It is an economic measure which will promote the so-called green economy.” He claimed that the rubbish which will be burned contained a bio-mass of 50 percent “which can be considered a source of renewable energy.” The Minister further defended the burning of European rubbish, saying that it will reduce the need for generating electricity and the amount of carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

He gave assurances that the burning of extra rubbish at Son Reus will in no way result in atmospheric contamination beyond legal limits.
However, Bonet said that burning extra waste is a “grave irresponsibility” that future generations will have to pay for.