Palma.—The four children, who went missing with their Welsh mother after a court order was made for them to return to live with their father here in Majorca, were found yesterday morning just 50 miles away from mother Jennifer Jones's home in South Wales.

The mother was arrested.
The four, aged between eight and 14, went missing from the house of their mother in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, on Friday but according to the National Police here in Palma, their father, Tomas P.C, who is divorced from Jennifer Jones but enjoys joint custody, reported her to the police back in June after he flew to Wales to collect the children only to find her and the children missing from the home she apparently shares with her new partner.

Palma judge
The National Police informed a Palma judge who in turn contacted Interpol and eventually an international arrest warrant was issued with the mother apparently, accused of “abduction”.

And, eventually, a high court judge in the UK ordered “they must be found”.
Jennifer Jones, has apparently abducted the children before in 2009.
Last week another High Court judge, Mr. Justice Hedley, decided that the mother had “abducted” the children from Majorca, where they were in the care of their father.

She had initially been ordered to return the children to Palma by midnight on Friday 12 October but had not done so.
Jones had been ordered late last Friday to attend a High Court hearing in London on Monday. “The mother came to my court and argued through her barrister that the order of Mr Justice Hedley... should be set aside,” said Mr Justice Roderic Wood. “I declined to set that order aside.
He added: “I was also concerned that the mother might abscond overnight and so I, with a heavy heart, ordered that the children were to be immediately removed from the mother's care and placed in the care of the local authority for a short period of time so that they could be returned to Spain without delay. “When the police came to remove the children from the mother's house in Llanelli, Wales, they found the mother and the children had gone.” However, Dyfed Powys Police confirmed that the family had been found and that the father was “overjoyed” with the news.
A Gwent police spokeswoman said yesterday: “I can confirm that the four children missing from the Llanelli area were found in the Gwent area just after 11am this morning. “Police and local authority are now working together with family members to ensure the ongoing safety of the children.” Initially, it had been feared that the mother may have taken the four of their five children, one remained in Palma, overseas, but fortunately that was not the case.

But, this love tug may not be over just yet.
The children were yesterday understood to have been in the care of Social Services with the mother planning to appeal against her children being taken from her.

Apparently, she is preparing a legal case against her ex-husband in an attempt to win custody of her children who are understood to have been born here in Palma.