Palma.—Tourism Councillor Alvaro Gijon and Commerce director Esperanza Crespí explained yesterday that the experimental Sunday opening of shops in the centre of Palma started in March has been “totally successful” for the city. This was the summing up of the latest report of the monitoring committee on the central area of Palma which is most frequented by tourists.

Gijon argued that the Council is working to increase economic activity in the city and to lengthen the tourist season. He said he believed that marking out an area of the city which is able to cater to visitors' needs all week has turned out well for Palma. “The reality is that there are more people in the street, shopping and plenty of tourists in the street as a whole.” Gijon said that tour operators and airlines have said they are really pleased with the move. He said that Palma wants to put itself on the map as a “city break” destination, and that the Council intends to “work along these lines.” The report said that the area most frequented by tourists has revitalised that part of Palma because it has put shops, restaurants and other facilities which were previously closed on Sundays within reach of tourists.

Some residents also take advantage of the Sunday opening but small business association Afedeco claimed that there haven't been any positive results for his members.