Palma.—Academy Award-nominated actress Toni Collete, Emmy Award winner Aaron Paul and the former James Bond star, Pierce Brosnan, spent their first day on set on location in Majorca yesterday.

The three are starring in the screen adaptation of Nick Hornby's novel A Long Way Down and yesterday, part of Palma airport was transformed, under extremely tight security, into a giant film set by local film production company Palma Pictures.

Actor Sam Neill is expected to be join the cast over the weekend when filming moves to three special sets which have been erected on the beach in Camp de Mar and in the Peguera area.

Over the past few days, the Local Police have been putting up signs alerting the public to the areas which are going to be closed off during filming.
The film is being directed by the French film maker Pascal Chaumeil. All of the cast are staying in a luxury hotel in the area and Brosnan's presence on the island has caused a great deal of interest with guests and fans lining the drive to catch a glimpse or snatch a picture of him as he was driven to the set yesterday while at the airport, staff were all keen to grab an image of one of the world's most famous screen spies.

Brosnan and co. are expected to be on the island for at least ten days filming location shots for the 15 million euro production due for release next year.