Palma.—The communications department at Port Adriano marina in El Toro said that the facility “will be useful for some clients.” Port Adriano is one of the most exclusive sports marinas on Majorca and a few years ago an ambitious extension project was carried out which gave space and mooring for a large number of super yachts, the owners of which would be just the sort of clients who would make use of the heliport.

The idea of the heliport project at Port Adriano said the same sources, would just be for boarding and disembarking, because “the air traffic would be minimal.” It would be a service reserved only for the most well-to-do boat owners.

At the current time, the project has been tabled before the Balearic Environment Commission, but final approval still has not been given.
The Commission is reportedly asking the management at Port Adriano if the heliport will require some adjoining building, as the environmental document presented for the project said that “that any possible effluent from the heliport platform will be channelled to a hydrocarbon separator installed in the lower level of the building, without making specific reference to “what building” is meant. The management at Port Adriano is also being asked “why they have opted for a raised heliport instead of it being constructed on a level surface, which would mean less environmental impact.” When the enlargement project was undertaken several years ago, there was considerable opposition to the programme from environmental groups who claimed that delicate eco-systems were being undermined and that natural water currents and sand beds were being destabilised.