Palma.—Maria Salom, the Partido Popular (PP) President of the Council of Majorca said yesterday that her team “saw no way out” of the Council's current inability to meet financial commitments, if the Balearic government failed to hand over the 220 million euros due to it.

In an unusual move, Salom made no secret of the anger she felt against what is also a PP government. “We can't close the budget for next year if the government doesn't guarantee that we will get this money.” “We are at the end of our tether so far as debt is concerned, even though we've complied with government measures to rein in spending. We can't continue like this,” Salom warned. She said that one of the most important responsibilities the Council of Majorca will be forced to return to the regional government is that of road building, one of the few areas where public funding has remained stable. Salom claimed that successive Balearic governments had tried to cap spending on roads without ensuring that an adequate and safe infrastructure was in place.

The President of the Council of Majorca said that she had been in constant touch with the Economy ministry of the Balearic government but as yet there had been no positive response at all.

Salom explained that the Council of Majorca had no powers to have access to funding of its own accord. All major financing, apart from some minor tax issues, has to come directly from regional government who in turn are paid by Central Government in Madrid. Currently funding provided to it by the region makes up 80 percent of the Council of Majorca's treasury. “There's absolutely no way we could be financially independent,” vowed Salom, saying the Balearic government's request for a bail out of 355 million euros will not solve the matter.