Palma.—Paul McCarron was having a post BBQ dip in Cala Estancia when his wife Selina suddenly pointed out that the top floor of a block of apartments was on fire.

Without a second thought fire fighter 43-year-old McCarron and his friend Richard Ross rushed into the building and managed to lead all those inside, many of whom were asleep, to safety.

The fire fighter, with the help of Ross, dragged an elderly Belgian couple from the eight-storey building and then braved the inferno a second time to free a terrified woman trapped in her flat.

The 43-year-old also helped to guide another 18 couples to safety from the burning building.
Yesterday, Paul McCarron, of Sutton Coldfield fire station's Blue Watch, was named Hero of the Year, along with his friend Richard Ross, for their efforts in saving all those people from the fire last August.

At the time, McCarron played it down. He told the Bulletin the day after; “ “Once a fireman, always a fireman. At first we couldn't find our way into the building, but we went into a restaurant on the ground floor and managed to get inside. We went round the back and pounded our way up the stairs. I headed to the top floor where the fire was raging and Richard banged on all the doors to try to get everyone out of the building. I had no T-shirt on but grabbed one off a bloke on my way up, tore it in half and wrapped it round my mouth.”