Llucmajor.—The Balearic President said yesterday that the regional administration is in a position to be a valuable ally to the private sector wishing to invest in the Islands, and it's “not just a question of providing money”.

Bauzá was speaking yesterday during a visit to the offices of international tourist company Globalia in Llucmajor. He said that as a result of the current difficult economic climate, “it isn't easy” to give tax incentives to companies who want to set up a business in the region, but he said that his government wanted to show that private enterprise was welcome and that companies would be “shown friendship” by the Administration.

The President said that a great deal could be achieved by the complementary activity of private companies and public government, furthering that thanks to the recently approved Tourism Law, 150 million euros are now available from private companies which will be devoted to improving outdated tourist infrastructure in the Islands.

The President paid tribute to Globalia, “the most important tourism” group in the region. He thanked the company for its continued support, pointing out that Globalia generates 20'000 jobs, and provides specialised training so that young people can be better prepared to find security in the job market. Bauzá finished by saying that the Balearics had one of the best tourist seasons this year of any of Spain's regions.