Palma.—The Ministry for Health, Family and Social Welfare confirmed yesterday that the inoculation programme will last until 30th November, with around 147'800 sets of vaccines being distributed to Primary Care health centres all over the Islands.

The cost of the programme will climb to 517'362 euros this year, a saving of 192'077 euros compared to the 709'440 spent on the campaign in 2011.
The Balearic Health Minister Antoni Mesquida was accompanied at yesterday's flu vaccination presentation by Public Health and Consumer Affairs Director Federico Sbert, and by Isabel Borràs who is the head of the Public Health Investigation Service.

Sbert said that the main aim of the campaign is to cover the risk groups which will have free inoculation. These are principally the over 65 year-olds, adults and children with chronic lung or heart-related diseases, diabetes or kidney disease.

Other beneficiaries
Vaccination will also be given to people who have a weak immune system, patients with advanced stage obesity, and those who are victims of cognitive degeneration.

Sufferers in this group would typically be suffering from Alzheimer's or dementia. Pregnant women will also have the chance to be vaccinated.
Special emphasis will be placed, said Sbert on vaccinating health workers and those who could be at risk of transmitting the seasonal flu to the risk groups. These people would most probably be the staff of residential homes for the elderly and at residences for people with mobility and learning difficulties. Public service workers such as policemen, firemen and civil defence groups fall within this bracket.