Can Pastilla.—The attack, said National Police yesterday, took place several days ago. The women were left bound and gagged all night.
The Robbery Squad immediately took charge of the investigation but as yet there have been no arrests. Sources said that there are varying lines of inquiry which could bear fruit within the next few days.

It would seem that the robbers had kept watch on the chalet in Can Pastilla to check on the movements of the elderly occupants.
Knowing just where they could slip in, the criminals waited for an opportune moment during the night.
Because they were wearing balaclava helmets, the sight of the intruders terrified the elderly women who are apparently related.
The robbers threatened their victims with a knife, demanding that they hand over all money and valuables. The thieves eventually made off with jewels to the value of between 4'000 and 5'000 euros and 300 euros in cash.

Before leaving the scene of the crime, the robbers bound and gagged the women so that they couldn't raise the alarm.
The police suspect that the criminals had a car parked somewhere in Can Pastilla in which they made their get away. The crime wasn't discovered until the following morning when a member of the family came to the chalet and alerted Emergency services. A search was made of the property for fingerprints and witness statements taken.