Palma.—Having trained at the Hippocrates Health Institute, which has been classified by the Spa magazine as the number one health spa in the world in West Palm Beach, Florida, Beverley is passionate about the raw food diet and has become one of the leading experts in this field in Spain over the past few years.

Here in Majorca, where she has lived for many years, she gives workshops, lectures, classes and even outside raw food catering and demand is growing. “I think here in Spain, awareness is gradually increasing, but it has been slow. Raw live living food is food that has not been cooked over 115º so consequently it is still raw, in its natural state. “Any temperature above this one officially ‘cooks' the food killing all the enzymes. And it is the enzymes which make the food alive and are necessary in order to digest the food correctly. What is also missing from cooked food is oxygen, a substantial amount of vitamins, minerals and water and important nutrients in order to build and maintain a strong and healthy body. “So, in my book, which will eventually be published in English, I hope to spread the word of the benefits of the raw food diet even more. Quite simply we are what we eat and if you eat lots of ‘dead' food, that is how you will feel, tired and lacking any energy but, if you eat plenty of ‘live' food, you will feel quite the opposite. You will feel full of life and energy,” she explained this week.

The book is going to be launching with a presentation and singing at
Yerbabuena in calle Jeroni Antich 7, Palma at 7pm.