Palma.—Casal de Can Llober, bought by the Council of Majorca and Pollensa town council in 2005 for 1.5 million euros, is still awaiting an injection of funds which will save the emblematic building from wasting away.

The building had been bought with the idea of preserving an important property in Majorca's architectural heritage. There had been plans to convert the property into a top class example of a 19th century home of the nobility of the time but the programme was never carried out.

With the passing of time, the roof has deteriorated and leaking has caused irreparable damage to its documentary archives. The town council asked help from the Works and Services department of the Council of Majorca to replace the roof so that at least further deterioration could be halted.

Paperwork concerning Casal de Can Llobera was put on a back burner and the decision of the Council of Majorca to retract on funding arrangements set alarm bells ringing at Pollensa council to such an extent that the matter was debated by the Partido Popular-Lliga led council yesterday. At the meeting, the Council of Majorca was urged to take necessary steps to save the property. Pollensa's Mayor Bartomeu Cifre said that the local council had kept its side of the bargain in terms of finding money in its budget for the repair, and now “the Council of Majorca” should abide by its part.