Palma.—The new Balearic Minister for Health, Family and Social Welfare, Martí Sansaloni has been sworn as a new member of government in front of the regional President José Ramón Bauzá, sources confirmed yesterday.

Following a ceremony which took place in the chapel of the government's offices in Consolat de Mar, Bauzá confirmed that Sansaloni has taken the place of Antoni Mesquida who resigned on Wednesday after a fierce spell of political in-fighting. In a short speech, Bauzá asked his new minister to do everything in his power to serve all citizens of the Balearic Islands.

The formality was attended by all other Balearic cabinet ministers and top figures in the regional health service. Also present were the President of the Balearic Parliament, Pere Rotger, the President of the Council of Majorca Maria Salom, and the Central Government delegate in Palma, Teresa Palmer.

Until his taking office as the new Balearic Health Minister, Sansaloni was Director of Pharmaceutical Management for the government. Since the start of the term of office of the Partido Popular government, he has been working on the health ministry team and has held the post of Vice-President of the Balearic General Health Service department. The new minister has a degree in Pharmaceutical studies from the Cardenal Herrera University in Valencia. He also has a Masters degree in pharmaceutical practice and is qualified in business administration. He is the third health minister to take office during the present Balearic government after the resignation of Carmen Castro and Antoni Mesquida. Whilst the swearing-in service was taking place, about twenty people were demonstrating in front of the building, dressed in mourning as a sign of opposition to the closure of the General and the Joan March hospitals in Palma.