Palma.—Despite opposition parties on Palma council voting to the contrary, the Partido Popular (PP) City Council yesterday approved that the majority of taxes including water and rubbish collection, will go up by around 3 percent.

Other taxes which fall into this bracket are charges for annual vehicle MOT tests, sports centre facilities, Council plaques on garage doors banning street parking, and official documents requested by the public.

The Council has also agreed to put up the tax on Economic Activity by 3 percent, but other taxes will remain stable and in fact taxation overall by Palma City Council will fall by 2.2 percent claimed municipal spokesman Julio Martinez.

Opposition parties, including the Socialists condemned the fact that large families who until now had benefited from a 90 percent discount in property tax, will in future only have the right to a 25 percent discount if the value of their property increases.

However Martinez pointed out that prior to the PP coming to power, large families were only permitted the discount on property which was worth 100'000 euros or less, but the City Council under Mayor Mateo Isern has gradually been trying to extend the benefit so that the same families are allowed discount even if they have property worth more than this figure.

Parking charges are to go up 6% in the city centre.