Palma/London.—Yesterday, captains of the British travel industry were treated to a breakfast reception at the Spanish Embassy in Madrid to shore up the close relationship between the two countries and negotiations between the British and Balearic tourism industries continues at the World Travel Market yesterday with all the current market indications pointing towards a further increase in British holiday makers next year.

This year a rise of five percent was posted in the number of visitors but, more importantly, on the back of a strong Pound, between January and September, British visitors spent 8.5 percent more than last year.

The British holiday market accounts for a 25 percent share of the Balearics' industry and the Balearic Director for Tourism, Jaime Martinez and the Director of the Balearic Tourism Agency, Jose Marciel Rodriguez, were walking the floor of the giant exhibition to bolster the British market and lay the foundations for further growth next year.

Yesterday, the Balearic delegation to London had meetings with airlines, tour operators, travel agents and even Aston Villa Football Club to discuss ways of working closer and better together to improve and diversify what the Balearics has to offer the British market.

The Balearic delegation is learning about what British holiday makers want and how travel habits have changed in order to meet the new demands in an ever changing market.