Palma.—Councillor Alvaro Gijon explained yesterday that the non-cash contribution to tourist promotion will be in the form of plane tickets, hotel accommodation, organisation of special events, etcetera.

He said though that 300'000 euros would have to be taken out of the overall sum to pay the salaries of six municipal workers who are the mainstay of the Palma de Mallorca Tourism Foundation, an association formed earlier in 2012 to create all-year-round tourism in the city and municipality.

Gijon said that each of the current 27 members will need to bring 100'000 euros to fund the Foundation. He said though that the number of companies in the association will increase in January to 30 or 31. He said that the Tourism Foundation is currently undergoing official registry but paperwork will be in order in January by which time the previous Majorcan Tourism Institute will have been dissolved. Meanwhile, the municipal budget for 2013 has allocated 10'000 euros to pay for reforming outdated building façades which have been earmarked in a Technical Building Inspection. This year 50'000 euros was allocated to such work which means that the funding for this sector has fallen by 80%. The opposition Socialists on the Council have said that citizens in Palma are paying higher taxes for less service. There is reportedly particular concern over the cuts in the 2013 budget for Education (down 21.91% in 2013),and Social Welfare (-8.08%).