Palma.—The Guardia Civil estimate that the Partido Popular (PP) made payments in black to the promotional company Over Marketing to the tune of 181'031.65 euros during the regional election campaign of 2007. The campaign was the last to be led by former Balearic President Jaume Matas (pictured) who has since been implicated in a number of corruption scandals.

A Tax Inspection group which has been investigating the “Over” case, said that it has unearthed vast differences between the invoices which were registered in the accounting system of the Madrid-based marketing company and what was declared as expenditure on the election trail by the Balearic Partido Popular of the day.

Investigators claim that the PP were using nearly 1'130'000 euros for their election campaign in 2007, more than double the amount that they declared when it came to a close, 554'102 euros. There was, said a spokesman for the investigating team, not a single invoice from Over Marketing, but rather several in the sum of 20'000 euros from a number of Over's satellite companies. “Our report,” he said “shows that the chief administrator on the PP election campaign of 2007 was Fernando Areal, a brother-in-law of Jaume Matas.” Investgators maintain that Areal was in a perfect position to falsify accounts and not reflect the true cost of the election campaign which apparently broke the limit allowed by law, a little over half a million euros. Daniel Mercardo, the chief of Over Marketing has admitted receiving payment in black from the PP.