Palma.—The Council of Majorca is to bring down any barriers, whether they be iron gates or other obstacles along the old road from Lluc to Pollensa prior to the 25th November.

The news was given yesterday by Margalida Roig, Civil Service director of the Council of Majorca to a number of representatives of pro-Public Right of Way lobbies.

As a result of the agreement, an excursion has been planned by the Right of Way lobbies and other like-minded organisations for Saturday 25th November. It is assumed that there will be no obstacles in the path of walkers by the time the date comes around.

Joan Crespí, a spokesman for the Right of Way groups said that the proprietors of the Empeltada estate which still maintains a private barrier in the middle of the old Lluc to Pollensa road, would have by now come to a legal understanding over the ownership of the road, returning it officially to the Council of Majorca. Apparently in 2005, the proprietors and the Council had signed an agreement rerouting the public path. Crespí also pointed out that there are still two country estates along the road whose owners are members of the family of the Partido Popular Mayor of Pollensa, Tomeu Cifre, and who still have “no through road” barriers erected. Environmental protection group GADMA has praised the efforts of the Council of Majorca to reopen the road.