Palma.—Yesterday morning, the Guardia Civil in cooperation with the National Police arrested two brothers aged 36 and 42 in connection with Thursday night's violent assault on the Llucmajor school.

According to police sources, both detainees have criminal records and they apparently broke into the school premises at 10pm armed with a pistol and a knife and wearing ski masks. Apparently, the two men first headed to the house in which the concierge lives and knocked on the door.

A 56-year-old woman appeared on the door step and was hit around the head before being tied to a bed.
Hearing the commotion, her 21-year-old son confronted the two men only to be stabbed in the back between his left shoulder and his neck which provoked a massive haemorrhage and heavy bleeding.

The two attackers apparently fled the scene leaving the woman tied to a bed and bleeding from a deep cut to the head and her son losing blood fast.
But, he managed to raise the alarm and both were rushed to Son Llatzer hospital where they were said to have been in stable conditions.
An immediate joint investigation was mounted by the Guardia Civil and the National Police and in the early hours of yesterday morning, the two arrests were made at two properties in Palma.

The two men were taken into custody and at first light, police units returned to search the properties.
Police seized a pistol, two knives and 104 marijuana plants which were found in one of the bedrooms.
It had apparently been transformed into a giant greenhouse with special lighting and heating for the propagation of marijuana plants.