Palma.—The enlargement of the Poniente jetty in the Port of Palma to accommodate large cruise liners will come to an end next week after 15 months of work.

The Port Authorities will officially open the project on 26th November which will have been completed at a cost of 33'122'645 euros.
The number of cruise liners docking in Palma has increased over the past few years to the point where there are over 400 stop-offs a year. The Ports Authority had said that Palma needed new specialised docking facilities. Although there has been a decline in cruise tourism over the past year, several particularly large cruise liners have needed to moor up during the same day
The new jetties consist of 18 separate pre-fabricated sections which were brought over from the mainland by sea. Once in place they prolonged the south jetty by 380 metres and the north by 360.