Santa Maria.—The roads which the public can now officially use include Coanegra and des Cabàs which until recently were still the subject of much legal debate. The council is also going to investigate whether the n'Olesa, es Serrai and Son Penjoi (Ses Forques) roads should also fall under municipal property.

In 1999, the technicians of the Council of Majorca (Fodesma) issued a report recommending that all the roads which are now included in the public register should have been categorised as municipal property.

Despite the protests of various public right of way lobbies over the years, including the Friends of Coanegra Valley association, the disputed public roads were never included on the public register. Once the roads are logged onto the municipal land registry, the town council can then start exercising its authority on the roads and enforce the removal of any kind of barrier left up by private landowners. The public will be able to enjoy free right of way and the council will take action over anyone trying to block their path.

Following the council's vote yesterday, by law there has to follow a 30-day period when objections to the new municipal register can be submitted.
The council is also going to examine another series of local roads where there are examples of local cultural and architectural heritage, to see if they should be included in the municipal register to stop deterioration.