Palma.—Yesterday. as temperatures began to fall, the Civil Protection department issued a severe weather warning for today which could even see some snow fall above 1'000 metres.

But , apart for temperatures heading towards a dip into single figures come the end of the week, what Civil Protection and the emergency services are more concerned about are the gale force northerly winds.

Not only will they add to the wind chill factor but could also cause widespread damage across the region.
Hence the warnings issued yesterday for the general public to take extreme care over the coming days until the alerts are cancelled.
With extreme sea conditions forecast, people are advised to stay away from the beaches and yacht skippers to keep a close eye on the ever changing weather.

Otherwise try to avoid walking under trees, terraces, alongside high walls and buildings under construction.
Drivers, with more heavy torrential rain forecast are advised to proceed with due care and attention and, when possible, avoid the minor B roads and stick to A roads and the dual carriage ways and motor ways for safety.

Farmers are also advised to keep a close watch of river beds and irrigation ducts to avoid being caught by flash floods.
Extra highway police will be on patrol over the coming days, but the emphasis is on drivers reacting responsibly to the adverse weather conditions.