Palma.—The results of a survey carried out by the Balearic Institute for Social Studies (IBES) for the Bulletin sister paper Ultima Hora has discovered that if there was a snap election in the Balearics, the ruling centre right Partido Popular would lose its absolute majority.

The party, led by Balearic President Jose Ramon Bauza could lose as many as seven seats in parliament which would slim the PP's majority down from the current 35 MPs to 28 after just 18 months in power.

This is the first clear indication that the general public is not impressed with the way in which the Partido Popular has responded to the crisis with its swathe of austerity measures which have hit every section of society, in particular health and education.

However, the big beneficiary would not be the main opposition Socialist Party led by the former President of the Council of Majorca, Francina Armengol.
The Socialists currently have 18 MPs and, if they were lucky, might pick up one more in a snap election, but it would be unlikely.
No, the winners would be the new emerging left wing and independent parties such as Pi which is the revived UM Majorcan Unionist Party.
The results of a snap election would throw the Balearics back into a similar situation as in 2007 and a great deal of political horse trading would have to go on in order to obtain an absolute majority, but a coalition would be back in power and with the emergence of the far left, that would complicate the situation for the centre right PP which would also lose its majority in the Council of Majorca.

The PP would lose four councillors and be left with 15 out of the total 33.


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