THE Balearic government said this week that it is to provide help to residents of the Islands in acquiring their own home, whether it's a matter of buying or renting, and even in funding reforms to existing properties.

A spokesman for the regional Housing department said that the intention of the government is to help people who are most in need of assistance to have a place to live. Such categories, he clarified, include the young, families which are particularly numerous, people over the age of 65, single parent families, the handicapped and those who have been victims of domestic violence. In the case of these less privileged groups wanting to buy a property, the government measure will incorporate special mortgage conditions which will make up to 80 percent of the asking price available. If a second loan is necessary to cover the remaining 20 percent, the government will provide 1'500 euros to cover costs. Young people are to receive special help in the form of government backing for paying rental.


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