Calvia.—The municipality of Calvia, home to thousands of British residents, is getting smaller. The new census, released over the New Year, says that the population of the municipality has fallen by more than 1'000 in one year, from 52'451 to 51'114.

The decline has been blamed directly on the recession with the lack of work forcing families to move away.
Calvia is one of the few municipalities on the island which has seen a fall in its population which is surprising considering that it is one of the most sought after places to live on the island.

The recession has also taken its toll on the foreign community which represents almost half the population of Calvia.
Bill Webb of Webbs Removals said yesterday that he was not surprised at the fall. “Many British families return to Britain at the end of the holiday season. There is almost an exodus in October and November but then there is a big influx at the start of the season again.” “One thing I have noticed is that some British families return to Britain because of their children´s eduction. When their sons or daughters reach about twelve many decide to go back because they feel that the education system in Britain will be better for them,” Webb told the Bulletin yesterday. The other municapality on the island which has seen a decline in the number of residents is Capdepera.

Overall the Balearic population has increased by 6'000 people in the space of a year reaching the 1.1 million mark. The population of Palma rose by 2'000 people.

Majorca now has a population of 800'000 people, Ibiza 137'000, Formentera 10'000 and Minorca 95'0000.
During the last 10 years the population of the islands has grown dramatically largely thanks to an influx of immigrants from South America and Africa. There are now more than 100'000 foreign residents in the Balearics and the figure could even be higher because this statistic only reflects those who are legally registered. “We expect a further rapid growth in the population once the recession ends and the unemployment rate starts to fall,” said one council employee yesterday.

At the moment 95'000 people are without job in the islands, almost ten percent of the whole population and 25 percent of the working population.


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