PEOPLE living in the Balearics have a dim view of regional government and institutions following the series of corruption scandals involving politicians.

Research carried out by social and economic watchdog “Gadeso” revealed yesterday that not only are voters disillusioned about the integrity of the people they have voted into power, they also have little faith in the ability of either the Balearic government, the Island Councils or local town councils to find an answer to the ills of the recession.

Data published by Gadeso indicated “scores” on average across the Islands for the Balearic government were 4.3 out of 10, and 4.5 for both the Island Councils and Town Councils.

Majorca with 3.8 showed the least confidence in the government, followed by Ibiza, 4.1, Minorca 4.6 and 4.7. Figures for the Island and town councils also pointed to people on Majorca as having the least trust in their politicians.

Gadeso believe that the quarrels between members of the ruling coalition in the Balearics, particularly those that hit the headlines towards the end of last year, have also impacted on the low ratings, especially in Majorca. There were few major differences in the level of trust placed in individual Town Councils although whereas in the case of Palma Council, interviewees were prepared to allocate 4.5 out of 10, the ratings sunk to 3.8 in the case of Calvia.


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