THE Balearics is one of the regions of Spain which is spending the least on the “El Niño” lottery due to be drawn tomorrow.
According to data researched by the State Lottery department, people in the Islands are spending only 11.03 euros per head on the draw. Only those in the Spanish cities of Ceuta (8.38 euros per head) and Melilla (7.32) are spending less.

The “El Niño” lottery has been held in Spain every year on 6th January since 1941 but the Islands have only been able to claim top winnings on very few occasions - 1946, 1950 and 1953. In fact, the State Lottery department commented yesterday that it was diffficult to determine the precise date of the start of “El Niño” because the draw had taken place prior to 1941 but on an unofficial basis.


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