SHOPS did bumper trade in the sale of toys in the days leading up to the Three Kings, and this morning, children will be happily unwrapping their gifts. On Wednesday, with less than 48 hours to go before the 3 Kings were due to arrive in Majorca, crowds of people were trying to buy this year's most popular games. In many cases demand exceeded supply and stores were sold out a week ago. The shelves were restocked with other products which also sold out in a matter of minutes. While sales of new electronic games, such as the different Playstations and video games are levelling off.
Dolls are still among the top selling toys, although Barbie has been abandoned in favour of the Jaggets.
Table games, for playing with family and friends, are very popular.
The classics such as Trivial Pursuit or Monopoly still sell well but Sudoku is now rising in popularity.
Bicycles have not fallen out of favour either and although sales have levelled off a bit these days, they are still going well as are the sales of cars and tricycles for the smallest children.


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