Palma.—Yesterday afternoon, members of the Guardia Civil's nature protection squad, Seprona, finally located and shot a large boar which for the past few days has been attacking and chasing joggers running up the Puig de Santa Magdalena in Inca.

According to the Guardia Civil, they began receiving complaints from joggers last week and for the past few days, have had the area under close surveillance in an attempt to catch the boar in action.

However, the boar proved very difficult to locate - until yesterday afternoon that is.
At 3pm, the Guardia Civil received a tip that the boar had been spotted on the side of the puig.
Vets and experts
The Guardia Civil, a team of vets and experts from the Environment Ministry responded immediately in an attempt to catch the animal.
However, the boar gave his hunters the slip again and continued to pose a serious threat to joggers in the area. So, the Guardia Civil decided that the only solution was to shoot the boar. And, not long after the 3pm spotting, the animal was located and shot dead.

Now, the Guardia Civil have opened a full investigation in order to establish if the animal had escaped from a local farm or private property or was wild.

If the animal had escaped from a farm, then the owners will be questioned.


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