THE Guardia Civil and the National Police in Palma are keeping a close eye on all criminal organisations which might be stepping into the shoes of the Paca clan, a family drug cartel which dominated the narcotics trade in the capital until their arrest in 2007.

Security forces are anxious that any other illegal operators do not acquire the same level of influence and power as the Paca family, many of whom are now facing possible jail sentences. Central government delegate Ramon Socias said yesterday: “We have to be vigilant because the disappearance of the clan has left a “gap” in the criminal world that others will be keen to fill.” The “Son Banya” case, named after the Palma district where the Paca family operated, is due to be heard next week at a court in the capital. Accusations range from money laundering, holding people against their will, to grevious bodily harm, torture, bribery, and perjury.


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