Palma.—The coverage kicked off on Sunday night with the first of the six part series reality show on ITV 2 The Magalluf Weekender, that was followed on Monday night by Stacey Dooley's controversial The Truth About Magalluf and then on Tuesday night, the resort was the setting for an episode of the series Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents, also on BBC3.

Both of the BBC3 programmes were very much in your face reporting, but it has been the Stacey Dooley documentary which has promoted Calvia Council to lodge an official complaint to the BBC with the full backing of the Majorcan Hotel Federation on the grounds that the programme only showed the bad side of the resort and also failed to honour what was originally agreed regarding the format and content.

Whether the BBC will take any notice remains to be seen, the programme has been broadcast and the BBC have another one to screen later this Winter.
However, there were mixed reactions in the British press.
The TV reviewer in Metro claimed that Dooley's documentary did not reveal anything particularly new, although it did end by blaming the Spanish bar owners for taking advantage of young British drinkers.

Travel industry
The British travel industry was not particularly impressed either but, as Hugh Morgan, the Managing Director of the Monarch Travel Group said yesterday that the three nights of programmes on Magalluf may have “sadly” boosted sales of holidays to the resort. “I saw all three of the programmes and it just confirms what I have said in the past about Magalluf, that it needs to be cleaned up and all the problems sorted out. I agree they told the very grim and tawdry side of a beautiful island but the police and the ambulance people came out of it all very well, but the local authorities were sadly lacking. “I am sure it will boost sales to Magalluf no end and the industry over here are already well aware of the short comings of this particular area, sad as it may be,” Hugh Morgan told the Bulletin yesterday.


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