Palma.—The UGT General Workers' Union's Federation of Civil Servants reported yesterday there has been a sharp drop in the number of people taking sick leave since the new labour law was introduced last year. According to UGT sources, fewer people are taking sick leave because they are worried about their job security and also do not want to lose any more money for taking time off.

Civil servants have already seen their wages slashed by 20 percent over the past few years and Christmas double pay axed and few can afford to jeopardize their future by taking sick leave.

Apparently, if civil servants take sick leave they get docked wages and, according to union sources, few can afford to take the risk.
The union considers it not only personally unfair but also unfair on the rest of the workforce because they are having to work in an unhealthy environment with people who, in many cases, should be on sick leave.

A union spokesperson said that Prime Minister Rajoy and Balearic President Bauza have “criminalised” civil servants.


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