By Humphrey Carter

THREE months after British resort rep Jacqueline Tennant went missing while hiking in Majorca, her family have finally been given a lead as to where the 45-year-old from Reading went walking on October 8.

Jacqueline's sister Monique has spent the past three months flying back and forth to Majorca in an attempt to keep the pressure on the police and the search going, but it was not until over Christmas, when she made a television appeal in Britain, that the first concrete clue as to where the Can Picafort resort rep was last seen came to light.

According to a British couple, who were on holiday on Majorca at the time, they saw a black woman hiking up the Victoria mountain at the back of Alcudia. “I have spoken to them and the times coincide with when we know Jacqueline received a call on her mobile from her boss. They told me they were coming back down the mountain because the weather was closing in and they passed a black woman going up towards the summit.” “They also said there were quite a lot of people around on the hillside, so perhaps other people saw the woman as well.” “It all adds up to being Jacqueline they saw, and it is the first solid clue we've had and I am going to follow it up,” Monqiue told the Bulletin yesterday.

Apparently, the Inca court handling the case has possession of a computer disc of Jacqueline's but they will neither tell the police nor Monique what is on it.

They have been given the all clear by Microsoft to check Jacqueline's e-mails but not much progress has been made over the past month.
However, Monique is getting another search group together in the UK and hopes to return to Majorca on January 21 with a professional search team and a number of volunteers. “We are going to blitz the Victoria area. On the information given to me by the holidaymakers, we have mapped out the route Jacqueline took up the mountain and plotted a search area,” she said.

Monique wants to access her sister's e-mails to see if she returned to her Can Picafort flat after her day out. “I know the police are ruling out any criminal activity, but I am keeping all possible avenues open.” “We still do not know of all her movements on the day she went missing and until we do, I am not giving up the search for my sister,” Monique vowed yesterday.


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