Palma.—Organisers claimed that at least 350 vehicles took part in yesterday's demonstration through the streets of Palma in protest against the Balearic government's new “eco tax” on rental cars which ranges from 3.5 euros to nine euros per vehicle per day.

Representatives for the car hire and chauffeur sector from Minorca and Ibiza travelled to Majorca to voice their outrage over the new stealth tax which they fear will only damage the industry because it will push car rental rates up at a time when every one is watching their budgets. The President of Association of Balearic car Rental Agencies, Ramon Reus, said that he was very pleased with the turn out and hopefully it will make the government reconsider the stealth tax against which his industry has already presented 15 complaints.

But, Balearic government spokesperson Rafael Bosch, said that while nobody likes new taxes, the government has no intention of backing down and that the tax is going to be eventually introduced. “We know how much money can be raised from the levy and that will go towards helping to lift the Balearics out of the recession,” he claimed.
But, the car rental companies are not giving up in their fight to have the tax over ruled.


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