Palma.—All of the opposition parties admitted yesterday that they have serious doubts about the legality of the importation and treatment of waste from the mainland and eventually overseas at the Son Reus incinerator on the outskirts of Palma.

Apparently, questions have been raised about where the waste is really coming from and whether it is also being treated at Son Reus as claimed by the Council of Majorca and Tirme, the company which has the concession to operation the plant which has been at the centre of controversy ever since it was built.

There is a huge wave of public opposition to the importation of foreign waste and the opposition, supported by local and international environmental groups and residents associations are determined to get to the bottom of what is exactly going on and, if possible, bring a halt to the scheme. It appears that there are doubts over whether or not this first shipment did in fact come from Sabadell in Catalonia, as claimed, while others are questioning how the waste is actually being treated.

The opposition have accused the government, Council of Majorca and Tirme of having “conned” the general public at the risk to their health and intend to take the matter further.


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