A total of 895 vehicles were stolen in Palma in 2005, where 950 were also recovered. Some of these had been stolen in other parts of the island in previous years, according to local police sources. The robberies are normally carried out over public holiday periods. Normally the vehicles are found even though in some cases this may take months or even years.
The is due to the cooperation and coordination of the different security forces on the island.
According to local police sources most of the cars which are found “can be saved”.
However there is “always” some damage, such as the broken locks, lots of rubbish and dirt in the interior and the fuel tank having been drained.
When a car is stolen the owner can make a complaint to the Local Police, the National Police or the Guardia Civil.
They will then proceed to the open judicial enquiries about the theft of the vehicle.
With the cooperation and coordination mentioned above, the whole of the security forces on the island can be alerted to look for the stolen vehicle.


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