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THE new bus station in Palma, situated in the intermodal station, will only come into service in May, in spite of the fact the building was finished in October. “The numerous water leaks from the Parc de Ses Estacions made it impossible to bring the bus station into service. Its opening will coincide with the reopening of the metro,” said the deputy manager of SFM (Majorca's railway company), Tomeu Gual.

Gual said that the work is not yet complete because of problems associated with these leaks, which have been persistent in some areas. “We have made it quite clear that, while the deficiencies, which have caused flooding on most of the floor, are still persisting, the bus station cannot come into operation. We think that its opening will coincide with the reopening of the metro, in May or June,” said SFM sources.

The contract for the work, which has a budget of 63 million euros, was awarded in January 2005. SFM is positive about what's been achieved thus far. “It is well done, in spite of the defects which have been found, but it will be a better bus station with more capacity. The last bus station registered 10 million passengers in 2007,” said Gual.

The new station, which has a total surface area of 12'000 square metres, as opposed to the 4'000 square metres which the existing one occupies, will have 29 stands for buses and the latest technology, “which will upgrade its use and make it a multipurpose station, with notable improvement in all of its services”.

The finishing and the materials are of high quality, vitrex and stainless steel. The station, which is reached from the intermodal complex, has a waiting room of 4'000 square metres, in which it is planned to install all types of services. It is also planned to erect the ticket sales offices in this area, “but the bus companies have told us that they don't want tickets pre-sold, they want to collect the money on the buses themselves”.


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